Sunday, November 20, 2011

What I'm Listening To

Ever wondered what type of music they listen to in Spain? Of course there are plenty of Spanish artists here who are very popular, like Los Delincuentes, and there are also some artists who are based out of the US, like Rihanna and Maroon 5, that "get a lot of shine." 

But, if I had to pick the most popular song here in Malaga now I would have to say: 

Michel Teló - "Ai Se Eu Te Pego"

This song is ALL over the place. They play it in all the discotecas, I personally played this song atleast 100 times last weekend, and I've counted atleast 5 times that my roommate has played this song today! One cool thing about this song is that the singer is from Brazil, and the song is in Portuguese. Even though myself and the majority of the people here in Spain can't understand it, everybody still loves this song!

I likes it so much that I looked for some more of his songs and found one that I l-o-v-e.

Michel Teló - "Fugidinha"

And again, no idea what he is saying, but I'm loving this song right now :)


  1. I literally JUST heard that first song last night. I was like "WTF?! What is it saying?!?!" And everyone was doing the little dance to it. I like it, but also have no idea what it means.

  2. time to learn the lyrics to the second song because it's stuck in my head!! it's gonan take more work though bahahah we'll do it over a bottle of wine ;)

  3. @Miriam...haha it's everywhere!!! I like the little dance too! I learned the dance before I learned the words ;)

    @Christina...yessss! the lyrics are definitely harder in the second one. but as long as I have a wine opener this time i'm fine lol


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