Sunday, September 18, 2011


So I was going to write this post about how I have "x" amount of hours left until I leave, and how I have no idea how I'm going to finish packing...BUT, I just checked my stats and I've passed 1,000 views!!!!!

I posted before about how I enjoy seeing all of the different countries where people have read my blog, and even though I have been super a little slow posting this week because of the big move Monday, I managed to accomplish another blogging goal: having my blog read on every continent (minus Antarctica).

I quickly found readers in North America and Europe (United States and Spain), and I have a cousin who was studying in Argentina who crossed South America off of my list for me. Then after joining 20 Something Bloggers, I found readers in Australia and Japan, so the only continent (still not including Antarctica) that I was missing, was Africa.

Then it happened...I got a view from Zambia!!! The only things I know about Zambia are that it is in southern Africa, and it helped me complete my list (North America, South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia) of continents where my blog has been read. It's kind of cool to be able to say that your blog has literally been read all over the world :)

Thanks to everyone for reading and I hope everyone is excited as I am to leave tomorrow and begin this adventure in Spain!!

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