Thursday, September 29, 2011

Menu del Dia, Tapas, and Kebaps

As if all of these food post's today haven't made you hungry enough already, here's one more just to make sure :)

I had another menu del dia the other day, this time for the first course I had something that I think was called caldo, fried calamari for the second course, and an incredible chocolate cake drizzled in raspberry sauce for dessert. 

"Caldo" or maybe the broth is called Caldo. This was a meat dish that tasted similar to BBQ, spread on a piece of toast. The broth that was with it was kind of like a french dip, and it was very good when you dipped the toast in it. 

Later on, I went and had two of my favorite tapas, Paella, and Tortilla Espanola.

And finally......a kebap!!!!! The kebaps that people eat here in Spain, are not the same type of kebaps that people in the States typically think of (meat or vegetables on a stick). Kebaps are a type of fast food in Spain, and it's kind of like a pita sandwich with either chicken or steak, lettuce, tomato, onion, and some type of white sauce, and red sauce. The meat is rotated on a pit kind of like BBQ, and shaved off when you order your meal.

This is a picture of the meat being shaved off. I'm not really sure how they get chicken/steak to look like that but it tastes too good to ask too many questions ;)

Un Kebap!

Excuse the weird smile, but I was sooo excited to have a kebap again.


  1. It was! Can you save this site as a favorite on Dad's computer please. I sent him the link but I don't know if he was able to open it or not lol

  2. I'm hungry looking at those pictures!! YUMMY!!!

  3. Thanks Kaley! You're quickly becoming my go-to Spanish expert :)


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