Saturday, September 17, 2011

Last Day

It's hard to believe tomorrow is my last day in the U.S. for at least a year--maybe two. Even though I've said goodbye to all of my friends, gone to visit my grandmas and extended family, and started packing, it still hasn't hit me yet that in two days, I will be moving halfway across the world. 

I keep telling myself I only have two more nights to sleep in my bed, two more days of driving my car, and two more days of being in North Carolina period, but for some reason, this still feels like any other week. When I studied abroad in Spain, it didn't sink in that I was moving out of the country until I was literally at the airport, so at this rate, hopefully Monday morning I'll wake up and be able to comprehend that it's the last time I'll wake up on American soil for the next year.

If you had twenty-fours hour left in the U.S. before you moved abroad for a year, what is the one thing you would make sure to do on your last day in the States?


  1. This time last year I left for Madrid! I made sure to go to all of my favorite restaurants one last time. My very last day I went to my fav restaurant in my hometown with my mom, finished up packing, and talked to friends. I'm a huge texter so I got in my last texts on my American phone as well! Haha. Enjoy your last few days at home!

  2. eat some Popeye's chicken

  3. I've been here a few days and it still hasn't sunk in lol.


  4. I'm def going to my favorite restaurant with my family tonight, sneaking in a last visit with a couple college friends, and then somehow trying to finish packing all of my stuff. Just a few more hours... :)

  5. I spent it with my family :) And I don't think it will hit me either until I'm in Logroño! Safe travels!


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