Thursday, September 29, 2011

Spanish Word Of The Day

"La Comida"

Comida (co-me-da): Food

Simply put, the food here in Spain is delicious. Due to siesta, a break that all Spaniards take in the afternoon, the traditional "eating schedule" in Spain is different from the typical schedule in the US. Spaniards typically eat a light breakfast in the morning--and when I say light I mean toast and juice, then eat lunch around 2pm, and dinner around 9pm.  Lunch in Spain is the main meal of the day, comparable to dinner in the US, and many restaurants offer a menu del dia which consists of two courses, a dessert, bread, and a drink for about 10 euro.

I went to a restaurant with my French roommate Andrea, and another French guy Pierrick (more to come on him later), and had my first menu del dia. For my first course I had pasta bolognese, and for the second course I had fried octopus.

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