Friday, September 23, 2011

Spanish Word Of The Day


Piso (pee-so): Apartment

Piso is the word used in Spain for apartment.  I'm pretty sure this word is unique to Spain because I told this Dominican guy that I was going to find my own piso in Spain, and he had no clue what I was talking about, and said he had never heard this word before; some other countries use apartamento for apartment.

I chose piso as the SWOD because I think I finally found a piso!!! The piso is right in the center of Malaga, and only about a ten minute walk from the beach :) The piso has four rooms and if everything works out, it will be myself, my friend Andrea from the hostel (who is French), and two Italian girls who are in the same Erasmus program as Andrea.

I think it's cool that even though none of us are from Spain, Spanish is the only language we have in common. I also think it's cool that one of my goals before I came to Spain was to learn French, so now I have the chance to learn French and Italian without even leaving my piso. 



  1. Lucky you! I'm still on the hunt. Hoping to find something soon. Your situation reminds me of a movie someone recommended to me "L'Auberge Espagnole". Check it out! I haven't seen it, but I heard its good :)

  2. Yea, I was sooo glad for the whole apartment hunting process to be over. A couple of other people recommended that same movie to me! I haven't seen it yet either but I'm def going to check it out!


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