Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Almost There...

As of today, I am now 26  days away from moving to Spain. While I have literally been waiting on this day for months, as it gets closer, it seems like time is absolutely flying. It almost feels strange to talk about leaving in terms of days or weeks, as opposed to months. While the Visa process was llena of paperwork and drama, it's been easy (so far) getting set up in Spain for my first week.

I got a great deal on a plane ticket from, which ended up being less than half of the price of the same ticket on my usual go-to travel website. I highly recommend this site because they have deeply discounted prices on all types of travel needs (flights, hotels, hostels, tours) for students, teachers, and anyone under the age of 26.

I've booked a hostel in the middle of downtown Malaga for about a week while I search for an apartment, and I've also found a few apartments that I like and want to visit when I get there.
So at minimum, I feel like I have transportation to Spain, a place to stay (for atleast a week), and a few promising leads on more permanent housing :)

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