Thursday, August 25, 2011


Sorry I've been sort of slack with my "Spanish Word of the Day" post. I kind of just slipped a word (llena) into my post yesterday, but today, it gets all the glory it deserves---aka, one whole post dedicated to it on my so-so great blog ;)


lleno,-a (yay-no; yay-na)
I adjetivo
1 (colmado) full (up)
luna llena, full moon
2 (superficie) covered: está llena de manchas, it's covered with stains
3 (gordito) plump
II m (en espectáculos) full house
♦ Locuciones: figurado de lleno, fully: se equivocó de lleno, he went fully wrong

Llena literally means full, and can be used to describe anything that is full. If you're at dinner and don't have room for dessert, you would say "estoy llena" or I'm full.


  1. Glad you're using Word Reference; it's pretty much my go-to website for all things translation and confusion (between Mario and me).

  2. I like using Word Reference and it's by far the most accurate translator/dictionary I've seen online. I pretty much use it exclusively after having some ridiculous results using other online translators lol.


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