Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I've been thinking about doing a sort of "Spanish Word of the Day" type post to share my love of Spanish with my readers, so today's word pretty much describes the whole process (program application and visa application) of becoming an Auxiliar: Papeleo.

Papeleo = Paperwork

Here is a portion of the papeleo I had to take to the Spanish Consulate in Washington, DC to apply for my visa:

One National Visa Application

Carta de Nombramiento (Acceptance Letter)

FBI Background Check w/Apostille of the Hague

Medical Clearance w/Apostille of the Hague


  1. I just found your blog! I'm excited you're about to start the program - it was awesome last year! Where in Spain will you be?

    And congrats on finishing all of that pesky paper work - it was such a nightmare last year that it was literally all downhill from there!


  2. Hi, thanks for reading! I'll be in Malaga in a little over a month :) I love reading your blog; it's so inspiring because I also plan on attending Law School after this program and ONE day (hopefully) I'll have 1/2 your endurance and run a half marathon :)


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