Monday, August 15, 2011

Blogging advice???

This is for all of my blog experts out there! What is your best piece of advice about blogging?? I have been blogging for all of ummm...two days, so I haven't really learned my way around the blog yet. For example, I have added the gadget for followers, yet I've had multiple people tell me they tried to follow my blog but there was no link :( Is this just a "computer glitch" or can I fix this? Any and all blog related advice is welcome!!!


  1. I think that it depends on the site, and it´s upkeep, Kenya. Sometimes the blog editor will offer gadgets that don´t work, or don´t always show up on the blog. I think it´s due to coding, but who knows.

    Just play with it, loading pictures, changing fonts, pictures, etc. until you are happy with it´s appearance and feel. ;)

  2. Thanks for the advice Thomas! I'd love to come visit you in Logrono, I haven't spent much time in La Rioja.


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