Sunday, August 28, 2011


One goal I would like to accomplish while I am in Spain is running a half marathon. The only problem is una falta de (SWOD) motivation to run. Once I am out there running, and even afterwards, I feel great. But, actually getting out there to go run is where the trouble starts. I woke up this morning and did an enjoyable twenty minute yoga video (which btw was a really refreshing way to start the day), but I still haven't been able to drag pull myself off of the couch to go run. 
For all of you athletes out there, what is your motivation to keep working out??? How do you keep this motivation??? Is consistency really the key??


  1. I think the key is to exercise at the same time every day, or to have a consistent schedule. Otherwise it's too easy to make up excuses why you "can't" go exercise. But you'll feel way more guilty and weird if you're messing up your daily routine. Of course, starting that daily routine in the first place is still hard work!

  2. Hey, I'll be an auxiliar in Extremadura & found your site through browsing other auxilar blogs of the only 2 races I have ever ran was Málaga media maratón when I studied abroad in Spain! It was easier to train than usual b/c I often ran during siesta. It was a great way to explore the city too & therefore fun to create new running routes.

    My best tip is to find a running buddy. It's a lot easier to follow through w/ intentions to run when you know a friend is waiting halfway b/w your 2 pisos & you don't want to waste that precious dinero on your movil just to say you're not coming. I'm getting motivated to run another race! maybe this will be one of my goals for the year too??

    Good luck :)

  3. @Alisa, thanks for your comment! I have a million excuses for why I "can't" go exercise lol. I've always struggled to get that consistency but like you said, I just have to get to that point where I feel bad about missing a workout.

    @Laura, thanks for reading also!! That's so cool that you ran the medio maraton in Malaga! I think they have that one, and one in Almeria in the Spring that I'm looking into. Thanks for the support!


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