Tuesday, August 16, 2011

iPod Touch

In preparation for my big move, today I got a new iPod Touch!

Since I'm a billion few years late on the whole iPhone/iTouch phenomenon, now I'm calling on all of you Apple experts!! What is your best piece of advice for an iTouch newbie?? What are the "must-have" apps that I should download? What is your favorite app?


  1. Angry birds! I just got one too, so I'm still trying to find other apps that will be useful. There are a few free ones for translation and travel. I like that you can link your email to it. Makes it easier if your computer is out of reach.

  2. How could I forget Angry Birds??? I think the first game I downloaded was Words With Friends. I really like how you can get your e-mail on it also, and I almost flipped out when I realized I could actually Skype on it too!


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