Sunday, August 28, 2011

Spanish Word Of The Day (SWOD)

Falta (fall-tah):
  1. (carencia, ausencia) ~ de algo ‹de interés/dinero› lack of sth;
    por ~ de fondos
    owing to a lack of funds;
    ~ de personal
    staff shortage;
    es por la ~ de costumbre
    it's because I'm/you're not used to it;
    no es por ~ de ganas
    it's not that I don't want to;
    siente mucho la ~ de su hijo
    she misses her son terribly;
    a ~ de un nombre mejor
    for want of a better name;
    a ~ de más información
    in the absence of more information;

Essentially una falta is a lack of something. In my post below where I stated "The only problem is una falta de motivation to run," I meant that I have a lack of motivation to run. 

If there are any words or phrases that you'd like to know how to say in Spanish, or any Spanish words that you'd like to know how to say in English, feel free to leave them in the comments and they can be the next Spanish Word Of The Day!

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  1. I think my most frequented use of this word will be-

    "Mi familia me hace mucha falta"


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