Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sueños de una what???

  1. (ilusión) dream;
    la mujer de sus ~s the woman of his dreams;
    sus ~s se hicieron realidad her dreams came true;
    ser un ~ (fam) to be divine (colloq)

I adjetivo
1 (de pelo) dark-haired
(de piel) dark-skinned
pan/azúcar moreno, brown bread/sugar
2 (bronceado) tanned
ponerse moreno, to get a suntan
II m,f (persona) (de pelo) dark-haired person
(de piel) dark-skinned person

When choosing a blog title I wanted it to reflect both myself and the content of the blog. The majority of this blog will be dedicated to my experiences in Spain so I chose the word sueño, or dreams. I chose morena because this is one of my favorite Spanish words. 

Usually when I speak Spanish to native speakers, no matter what I say their first response is "de donde eres (where are you from)?" Not to toot my own horn (toot toot) but through studying abroad, and working in a position that requires me to speak Spanish everyday, I have developed a fairly high level of proficiency in Spanish. Although Spanish speakers come in all complexions and from all over the world, for some reason when I speak to people, they get this look on their face like "wtf? Where did this morena learn to speak Spanish like that?"


  1. I love the title of your blog <3

  2. Thanks! I tried to think of something creative and unique :)


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